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The Gates of the Kingdom Are Wide Open! Come on in and enjoy the fun!

Sign up NOW and Receive 1,000 FREE Credits, 1,000 FREE banner Impressions, and 1,000 FREE Text ad Impressions!

If you want to be treated like a real person and be treated like family come and join us.

Here at Kingdom Hits all of us are equal...we are all knights...we are all warriors
...welcome to our world!

If you are working alone, you have now the opportunity to work with like minded-people and build business alliances that can last a life time.

Are you struggling to get referrals to your favorite Traffic Exchanges? Don't worry! Our members have found a way to help you get a lot of them and it is very simple and fun!

Want more Business exposure?

  • Just spend a few minues a day surfing Kingdom Hits for maximum exposure
  • Post your favorite programs in our forum and our directory for FREE! They are generating a lot of traffic!

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  • Use our website rotator where you can save a lot of time once it's all set up
  • Use our banner creators where you can create attractive banners
Kingdom Hits was created for its members because we know that a high percentage of people are not making an income online.  In fact, the majority of people trying to earn online are actually losing their hard earned money.

Don't you think it is time for this pattern to change?

At Kingdom Hits, we do, and this is exactly why we at Kingdom Hits are working hard to create new ways for our members to make money instead of losing it.  One of these ways is to pay 80% of all sales to our members with 20% allocated to the purchase of more products and services which, in turn, will help our members earn even more money.

In addition, here at Kingdom Hits our members are not treated as customers but instead, as family, and because we sincerely believe that "family comes first" our members will always come first, too!

Here are just some of the great benefits our FREE MEMBERS receive:

  • 100 monthly credits
  • 100 monthly banner impressions
  • 100 monthly text link impressions
  • 0.5 up to 0.75 credit for every page surfed
  • Manual surfing on a 4 second timer
  • 30 banner impressions per credit conversion
  • 30 text link impressions per credit conversions
  • 15% residual credits down 2 levels
  • 15% residual income down 2 levels
  • Promote up to 5 websites, 5 banners and 5 text link impressions
  • Downline builder, free-to-use banner creator, and banner rotator
  • $5 minimum payout with optional 'early-bird' payout requests
  • Great surfing and referral bonuses and contests               

...and much more!

Join us NOW and become a part of this incredible growing family.  Our family is growing at the speed of light and we truly believe we will grow into the millions because of our new approach to doing business in general. We offer a tremendous earning opportunity that has never been seen before and we are excited to share it with our members.  Why not become a member yourself so you can be one of those we share it with?

Join us today and start earning now!



"I surf Kingdom Hits every day, not because I have to, but because I love this TE.  Hector, the Owner/Admin knows in order to be successful that no matter what your upgrade there is no 'I' in teamwork.  He is very interactive with all of us, wonderful leadership skills, open door policy, and he's a member just like us. He does not put himself above us, he is one of us.  It doesn't matter what membership level you are, he always responds to our support tickets, and we are all treated equally with respect.  He knows that all of us working together is what makes a successful Traffic Exchange.  He shares his plans for the site with all of the members, as well as giving us unrelated information for everyday living. 

This is a definite Must Join Traffic Exchange,  it's much more than just another TE.  Kingdom Hits will be around for a very long time.

A very proud and happy member of Kingdom Hits"

Patty Powers
Lace City, FL

"Kingdom Hits is like having a family on the Internet!  All of us Warriors are finding ways to join together, advertise, draw more people into our Castle and finding Knights in order to create a Super Castle in the midst of all Traffic Exchanges and make YOU King!  Let us show you how!

Lou K.   

"I was referred to Kingdom Hits by a very good online friend of mine who was excited about the sense of involvement he was experiencing right from the start. When I asked him what was so special about this Traffic Exchange, he told me how the site owner Hector is building Kingdom Hits with his members in mind, And for his members!
Apart from the great incentives I got on joining I was drawn in by the sense of team work and great leadership skills Hector had to offer to his members. The profit sharing and member interaction that is all part of this site will make Kingdom Hits an undoubted success.
The potential to go into other online opportunities as part of a united team really appeals to me and Kingdom Hits members and admin are working collectively to make that happen.

I look forward to what the future holds as a Kingdom Hits team member!"
Martin Payling
England, United Kingdom
"Kingdom hits is my first choice when it comes to using Traffic Exchanges without a doubt. Advertising and communication are key to internet success. This site delivers on both counts for sure Kingdom Hits provides fantastic exposure for my online businesses as well as - new and very helpful ideas for us all to progress online.
Hector, the Admin, owner and fellow member of this exciting site is a real "Get involved" type of guy! Always communicating with members on a one to one level and helping us to build the site with him to benefit all of us.
All members in the ever growing team of committed Kingdom Hits surfers are encouraged to give their thoughts and input on a daily basis. Hector has a vision for this TE that he shares with every member as often as he can. Kingdom Hits promotes team effort and online success.

I feel really good about recommending this site to anyone! This really is a site for it's members!
Thanks Kingdom Hits,"
Christine Carson
Scotland, GB

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